Fast Track Quick Dry Top Coat

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This 5-FREE quick dry top coat is for the demanding polish enthusiast who must have high shine, no shrinkage, and a lightning fast drying time. You are on the fast track to success and your QDTC should be, too!

Fast Track is quick-drying, which means that it also may thicken in the bottle over time. If this occurs, please use a high quality polish thinner to restore the product to the desired consistency.

15 ml

"I didn't just want to post about this quick drying top coat -- I wanted to test it out first, and for the past weeks I've worn it. And it's absolutely amazing!! It has all the qualities I need in a top coat! Super fast dry time. No shrinkage. Glossy. Perfection!" @ohhh_jane

"I'm fussy when it comes to top coats, and I have to say this one is a homerun.  You should definitely give this a try, I know you'll like it."  Janine @polishedtothenines 


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